Tips in Building a Granny Flat


A granny flat has a lot of potential in providing a living space for an elderly parent, a university student who values privacy, or to accommodate guests. It can also be a great space to rent out for some extra income. Here are some tips to unlocking this potential.

Mind the Floor Space

A granny flat means you have to work with limited space. An essential aspect of this is making room for enough floor space to allow for mobility. You don’t need to have a big space to make your granny flat liveable. It’s all about utilising that available space wisely. 

Any custom builder in Wollongong knows that clever storage is essential for this. A good tip is to place storage spaces in big items, such as under the bed, or under the couch. Having secret drawers here and there can help you store small things such as books, jewelry, or some memorabilia. The kitchenette also needs to have cupboards and shelves placed above for easy access and great use of space.

It’s All About Functional Design

Working with limited space is tricky because you have to think about lighting and how to maintain privacy in a supposedly small room. This is why functional design is very important. Do not put anything there that cannot be utilised, or will not be utilised frequently. It’s important to determine who will be using the granny flat, and what spaces they are more likely to use. For example, if they rarely cook, it’s probably best to make the kitchenette much smaller — or just do away with it completely.

Every piece of the wall must also serve a purpose, either for storage or good lighting. To lessen the risk of making the flat dark, a good tip is maximising natural light by putting windows in a side passage. Using white walls can also help facilitate better lighting. In terms of privacy, it’s best to make use of screens, or if needed, some form of sound proofing to protect the privacy of the person who will be staying there.

Plan Out the Linings and Utilities

Working on main utilities such as your electrical and plumbing systems is essential. This is especially important when you decide to rent out your granny flat. You will need to talk about having a separate electricity and water meters with your custom builders so you can track the electricity and water usage of your tenants and make it easier to charge them. Without separating these meters, you potentially open yourself up for disputes in the future with regards to bills.

Choose the Right Builder

A granny flat can be a great investment. Make sure to choose the right granny flat builders in Wollongong. Not all builders have extensive experience in working with limited spaces. Always check for references and previous projects. It’s very important to have a look at their previous projects to make sure that you’re hiring the people who can properly execute what your granny flat needs.

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