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With years of experience in the industry as luxury custom home builders in the Illawarra, we understand the significance of your home. It’s an extension of your personality and lifestyle. We build custom home designs that we would be extremely proud to call our own home. We aim to impress you from day one and make the experience one you will never forget

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Our clients say we are the best home builders in the Illawarra and South Coast. You only need to combine our local knowledge, our extensive experience in the building industry, our amazing partners & our finished products to see that we are more than just your home builder. Whether you’ve got lots of ideas or no ideas at all, we step you through each detail & ensure the integrity of the build

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Why Build a Custom Home?

In most cases a custom home build is taken because we want to stand out and be unique. In some occasions, a custom home build is needed to meet a specific condition such as building on a slope. Whichever reason it is, we can assure you that we focus on your ideas and build a home that will not only look fantastic now, but also look fantastic in the decades to come, whilst catering to your evolving needs

Where we build

We do service the whole Illawarra area, however the bulk of our work is concentrated in and between Wollongong, Port Kembla, Dapto, Shellharbour, Warilla, Oak Flats & Albion Park. So we are well experienced in a variety of conditions

Building your future

From classic homes to meet a certain style to modern homes for a growing family, we pride ourselves on our great reputation of impressing all of our clients. A reputation which grows with every foundation we lay. Our dedicated team will build your dream home exactly how you want it

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We are ready to work on any extension project. No matter how complex the design

Frequently Asked Questions

There are hundreds of potential decisions to make when building a new home. We are often asked a number of questions prior to starting a build. We have the expertise & experience to be able to field any question you may have.

Yes, we are fully licensed (licence No. 235369C) so you can expect that we adhere to the standards of building as well as your safety and ours. We use only high-quality materials and collaborate with you through the process of each project by keeping you involved from concept planning until completion

There are a few ways you can contact us, including through social media and all the main directory listings. However we prefer one of the following methods to ensure the quickest response:

Phone – 0431 059 973

Email –

Or complete the callback form

LFC Custom Builders is made up of a team of highly skilled, experienced and professional individuals who will be able to help you with all your extensions and renovations Wollongong needs. You need not worry about looking for several carpenters on your own and even shop for the materials needed as our team is capable of helping you every step of the way

LFC is a trusted local brand, run by family and using the best partners and subcontractors in the area. We treat all of our customers the same as if we were building for our own family. We help walk you through the entire process step by step & make sure that we produce your vision that will give you a massive return on investment. Some of our competitors are nationwide builders with a strict catalogue of houses that they will build, with speed as their priority rather than care and attention to detail

Ultimately the use of green technologies is up to the owner, however we do encourage the use of a wide range of energy efficient modifications & design changes to make best use of natural factors & also reduce reoccurring energy & water bills.

LFC will build any style of custom home that you can design & meets approval. All of our custom homes are crafted with superior workmanship, using the best materials and showing unequaled client service. Pretty much whatever you can dream of, we can build.

Building Custom Homes is a process that takes time. We never rush your decisions or our detailed craftsmanship. When planning to build a custom home, consider that pricing, design, financing, and construction all take time and detailed planning. It can take 6 months up to a year or more depending upon the complexity to build a custom home from conception to move-in day

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“Our Team acknowledge that we have a duty to provide a safe workplace without risks to the health and safety of our team and our clients. This includes managing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and reducing any impact this may have to our clients, team members and contractors. We are still conducting business and welcome your building enquiry.”