The Importance of Design Planning when doing Home Renovations

image of a Wollongong kitchen renovation

So you’ve been living in your dream home for a while now. All of a sudden, you realise that it doesn’t match your current lifestyle, career, or family maturity anymore. The children may be all grown up and the baby changing room isn’t necessary anymore. Or you may have changed cars and you now realise that the garage is too large and under-utilised.

There are a lot of reasons why we may need to renovate our home, but above all, if it isn’t efficient anymore, then it’s probably time to opt for a home renovation.


Creating a visual board

The best way to start your home remodelling project is by determining what sparks your interest and what matches your personality best. What colours are you comfortable living with? What elements complement the climate of where you live? Are you planning to grow plants? Creating a mood board can be done by manually saving pictures or using online tools like Pinterest to find the designs that capture you.


Will it work?

Considering style and aesthetics for a home renovation is only the second most important factor, the first being usability. For instance, if you plan to add or replace a current room to make space for an office, you should first consider how often you’re going to need that space.

Asking yourself this question is essential because it identifies your true priorities for renovating. Moreover, you must also ask yourself your purpose for restoring or renovating your home. Note that a home restoration simply accentuates and brings back to life the current features of your home, while a house renovation involves re-creating or adding more elements to your home that will better fit your present lifestyle.


Finding a Designer Custom Builder

A plan can only be successfully implemented with a reliable collaborator. A key step in a good house renovation plan is finding and working with a custom builder in Wollongong that will help you move forward with your planning, direct you with the renovation budget, and help you decide which parts of the home need remodelling.


Determining the budget

Your budget will determine the outcome of your renovation. It’s best to consult with your designer or custom builder in order to evaluate what suits your budget without compromising the quality of the output. Ideally, you should be able to save up an ample amount to match the house renovation cost your plan will require.

Moreover, when dealing with your builder, it’s best to be aware of PC sums or provisional cost sums as these allow the builder to change the sum as the project moves forward.


If you need more than a renovation

Renovations are different from building home extensions, which can also be something you may need. Home extensions are mostly built for reasons such as expanding your family or developing a new hobby. You might need an extra room, a second story, a deck, or a pergola.

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