Renovating your home? Read this first.


Home renovations are an exciting but rigorous process. You have a lot to think about before your house is transformed into your ideal space. These will help lessen the unnecessary headaches that come with the process.

Thorough Planning

First things first – you must have a clear vision for the aspects of the home you want to renovate. It’s helpful to decide on ideas early on such as what you want done with the walls, the materials you would like to use, and material samples to show your builder in Wollongong. They will advise you if they are the best fit or not. 

Once renovation starts, a lot of decisions need to be made. It’s easier if you are already set on them beforehand. Moreover, educating yourself ahead about the renovations you want with your house also makes you less susceptible to any possible attempts at deceiving you.

Thorough planning will also help you level your expectations and make you realise that some depictions in television reality shows are actually unrealistic. Home renovations are harder than they make out to be on television!


Not all plans work out. In the process of home improvements, there are several unforeseen events. While thorough planning is important, so is flexibility. This is especially true when working on older buildings. Your carpenters in Wollongong might discover later on that your electrical system needs a significant update because it may become a hazard when used with modern appliances. Old pipes that weren’t accounted for may pop up, which could delay the project.

To mitigate any unforeseen events, it’s always best to reserve a portion of your budget for these kinds of situations. Close communication with your custom home builders from Wollongong will help keep you updated on any sudden problems.

Realistic Budget

Your goal is to get value for your money. Any homeowner who undertakes home renovations are aware that improvements come at a cost. Take into consideration how big the changes will be, and the kinds of materials needed to complete this project. You have to be smart about how you will be spending your money, otherwise a renovation may not be worth what you paid for.

It is also important to set a realistic budget early on which should accommodate any sudden problems that come during construction, such as electrical system updates or wall repairs. You won’t only be spending for the new materials and labor, but emergencies as well.

Reliable Builders

Do your homework and do it thoroughly. A home renovation is a huge investment. Hiring the wrong custom builders may spell disaster. Get quotes from different builders and check their portfolio. Check their reputation and previous projects. Check their policies on warranty and their track record in terms of disputes with previous clients.

You’ll know that you have the right custom builders when they have extensive experience and when their previous clients are happy with their output.

In the end, all this trouble with research and planning will be worth it. Better living spaces will make you feel more at home. Excited for your home renovation project yet? Contact the experts at LFC Custom Builders to discuss your needs.

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