Pergola Benefits

There is just something about pergolas that adds a splash of Mediterranean charm to a home garden. Not only that, pergolas extend your living and dining space and provide you with a fresh space for entertaining and play.

Aside from beautification and adding room for relaxation, how can attaching a pergola to your house fascia improve your space?


1 – Pergolas enhance your landscaping

Pergolas provide the perfect space for plants such as climbing flowers, vines, and ivy to grow around beautifully. Thanks to the pergola’s design, aesthetically-pleasing plants like wisteria, clematis, and even grapevines can easily weave themselves around the space. The beams also offer you a spot to hang planters for even more flora around the space. It’s the perfect backyard feature to connect your home with the rest of your garden.


2 – Pergolas add just the right amount of shade

Some days, you simply want to relax in your outdoor space and appreciate the scenery without the harsh sun beating down on you. Pergolas provide you with just the right amount of shade that won’t obstruct your view of the sky or affect the spaciousness of your garden space.


3 – Pergolas are easy to maintain

You may be wary of pergolas because of how high-maintenance they seem, but they are actually quite easy to keep. It is recommended, however, that you opt for a stone or concrete pergola as wood ones tend to chip, cause splinters, and become discoloured over time. Doing so also saves you from the trouble of termites and other insects as well as the need for annual staining.


4 – Pergolas add character to the space

While a garden full of gorgeous blooms and lush greenery is wonderful in itself, there may be times when you feel like it’s lacking a little something. That’s where a beautiful pergola comes in. It adds the perfect dash of charm and character to your garden without disrupting the airiness, ruining the view, or competing for attention with the rest of the space. Whether it’s a stone pergola or a vinyl one, it’s simply a perfect complement to a beautiful garden.


5 – Pergolas are affordable

Another fantastic thing about pergolas is that they’re easy to build, and with the right pergola builders, you can get one constructed for you at a well affordable price. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can also check with your builder as to what options you can modify to make sure your pergola fits your space to a tee.


Important things to know about pergolas

Pergolas are definitely a wonderful addition to any backyard or garden space. However, you may also confuse them with arbours, which may appear similar but actually have their own other purposes. Arbours are usually smaller, bear-curved arches that typically come with a bench seat. Pergolas, meanwhile, are larger with a flat and open structure and are usually attached to the house itself.

Because some may use arbour & pergola interchangeably, it’s essential to review their differences with your pergola builder before anything else. If you have any more questions regarding pergolas, get in touch with LFC Custom Builders today, and let’s see how we can add some dimension and attention to your garden.

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