Not All Granny Flats Are Created Equal – Functional Designs


Granny flats are a practical and secure accommodation option that’s viable for everyone in need of extra space for guests or extended members of their family. Whether it’s a single-bedroom or 2-bedroom granny flat, one thing is for sure – good functional design is key.

It’s important to stay away from a granny flat that feels like a playhouse. Architecturally-designed granny flats come complete with the same care and attention to functional design observed in building traditional houses.


The multiple purposes of granny flats

As the name suggests, they are good options for those living with elderly family members. It allows one to keep watch and ensure their safety without depriving them of a sense of independence. The same goes for families with older children who wish to start living on their own.

Granny flats can also be rented out in order to cash in extra income monthly or weekly since affordable and portable granny flats are becoming a more popular living option for the cost-conscious.

And finally, granny flats can also work as a home office or studio, effectively saving you from the time and money spent on commuting and/or renting out an office or studio space.

Smart design options

Studio flat

Studio designs offer an open and uncomplicated space that can be used as an expanded guest room, a studio, or a home office. If you wish to go easy on the cost, it can be built without an ensuite bathroom.

Best of all, building this type of granny flat is incredibly convenient as well. There’s no need to apply for permits as you would need to with home renovation or remodelling. You also have the option of building a standalone structure that can be used as portable granny flats for rent when not in personal use.

Multi-bedroom flat

For more privacy and space, it’s also a great idea to invest in building a two-bedroom granny flat, especially if you intend to rent it out. 2 bedroom granny flats for rent, in particular, are typically more popular families with kids since it allows occupants to enjoy a living area and separate rooms.

Although there are more rooms, well-planned architecturally-designed granny flats don’t feel cramped at all. You can even opt to have them built across more than one floor. These flats can maintain a luxurious vibe and are complete with ensuite facilities, all the while being significantly lower maintenance compared to a larger home.

The benefits of a well-designed granny flat

Whether you’re in need of a studio-type granny flat or one with multiple rooms, there are several benefits to be enjoyed such as:

  1. Security
  2. Provides a more convenient living arrangement
  3. Lower cost compared to renovating your home
  4. Provides an opportunity for extra income

Granny flats should be designed to provide you with a maximum return on investment and its occupants’ comfortable space they can call home.

That is why here at LFC Custom Builders, we treat the construction of our granny flats as we would a new home build, complementing and enhancing your already existing home.

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