Decks and Pergolas: What You Need To Consider


Outdoor living extensions are places where you can breathe and spend some quality time with the people you love. This can also be a place where you can host visitors and gatherings such as family reunions or perhaps a barbecue with your colleagues. It’s an upgrade that both you and your home deserve. 

Here are factors to consider when asking custom home builders in Wollongong to design your deck and your pergola


Illuminating your pergola helps create a beautiful outdoor living space. The proper lighting can help enhance the atmosphere of the place. When hosting social events, you and your guests can celebrate until late at night with no fear of the place being too dark. 

Some ideas you could pitch to your custom builders could be putting running wires along the tops of the beams of your pergola, using string lights or hanging lights, or installing mounted light fixtures that can be used as guides to lead your guests to your pergola. 


The best way to maximise your surroundings to build your deck or pergola facing towards the scenery. Whether it’s your yard, the mountains, or the sea where the sun sets–the right design will take advantage of the view to set the mood. If you have a garden at home, a pergola can make a great area of interest especially when decorated with some climbing plants and vines. 


Pergolas are meant to provide an intimate space where you can spend quality time with your loved ones, or when you prefer to spend your time to think alone. Setting up your deck and pergola with some privacy screens or drapery can protect your family members or your guests from prying eyes. You can talk to designers and carpenters in Wollongong for other ideas on how to get some privacy in your pergola. 


The weather is an important consideration in building your deck or pergola. What is the general climate in your area? If there are extreme changes in temperature in your location, such as extreme heat waves or heavy rainfall, it’s best to choose materials that can adapt to such changes. The wrong material will affect the durability of your deck or pergola. A builder in Wollongong will know which kinds of wood are best to use. 

Materials aside, it’s also important to design your pergola to include a good amount of shade especially during hot summer days. You can’t enjoy the outdoors if there’s too much sun. 


There are so many possibilities in decorating your pergola. For instance, you can turn it into a social space and put an outdoor dining room. You could hang a chandelier or paper lanterns over the table. Or if you want a relaxing afternoon mood, you can get creative about seating arrangements and put some swings or a hammock. Hanging planters will also bring your pergola to life. 

Feeling inspired to build your pergola? Time to start that project! Get in touch with the team at LFC Custom Builders today and discuss your needs. 

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