Custom Built Homes – What You Need to Know


The home is a very important space in your life. It is where you spend your time to rest and recover, and where you make memories with the people that matter in your life. Building a new home is a huge decision. Here are five important things to think about when you start finding carpenters in Wollongong to build your new home.


Matching your lifestyle to your home is very important. You have to envision the kind of life you want to start in your new home. Then you use that to guide your decisions when it comes to the location and the physical characteristics of your house.

For people who are about to start a family, neighbourhood attributes such as schools and parks are must-haves. The presence of big open spaces are important to allow your children enough space to explore and play. 


Building a home is essentially an investment. You have to start planning for expenses early. Determining a budget now can help you set your expectations for what your house can look like. It will also make it easier for you to make decisions along the way. 

It’s best to plan your budget around a floor plan that fit your needs well. The liveable space you need, and the kind of builder in Wollongong that can execute your vision is a huge factor in how much money you will have to spend on your project. Planning this out early on will help control your costs especially when choosing the type of materials for your floors and walling.


The essence of style is not just to have a house that looks good, but one that serves you and your lifestyle well. It’s about being in a comfortable space than it is just about aesthetics. Choosing a vibe that you want to live in will help. Do you want something warm and cozy or something modern and sophisticated? Working closely with your custom builders will help you choose a design that fits with your vision as well as your budget.

Energy Efficiency

In building a home, you also have to think about sustainability. It makes a huge difference to build a house that uses the least amount of energy to operate. This means choosing the right materials such as cool roof colours, and placing windows and doors strategically to allow effective ventilation and less use of cooling or heating appliances. This not only helps you cut costs when you start living in your new house but also does the environment some good.


Choosing carpenters in Wollongong is as important a decision as all the other considerations above. A plan is only as good as its execution. In choosing the people who will build your home, it’s important to check on the quality of their previous work. Check for references and the longevity of their previous construction. See if you can tour their previous projects, and ask questions about the rationale behind the choices they have made for them. 

It’s okay to take your time in making final decisions. Remember that this is not a temporary living space for you, but one that could be yours for the rest of your life. The most important thing to remember is to build a house that also feels like a home.

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