The Benefits of Home Extensions Vs Moving House


To extend or to move? That’s the question.

Maybe you need more space for your growing family, or maybe you need another room for your new hobby. These are common reasons you may be considering moving to a larger house, but then, not only would you have to leave behind a home you’ve already invested in, but you would also have to leave behind the neighbourhood you’ve already grown to love.

Fortunately for you, there is a better option that isn’t only more lucrative in the long run, but is less of a hassle as well. Come in home extensions. But is it really better to invest in extending your present space rather than moving? Yes it is, and here is why.

It takes substantially less effort

Let’s be real, moving to a new home takes a significant amount of effort. Meanwhile, home extensions do not require so much work on your part as a homeowner.

If you move to another address, you’ll need to pack and unpack all of your things. From furniture to clothing, a lot of time and energy will have to be put into transferring years’ worth of things. With extensions, such as a house side extension, all of that won’t be necessary as the hired team will simply have to work with your already existing house.

It’s more affordable

The cost to build an extension to your house is much cheaper than moving. For one thing, less raw material will have to be purchased, the work is completed faster, and there is no need for complicated permits to be obtained. Additionally, since you already have plumbing and electrical systems installed, you don’t have to worry about paying for other installation expenses such as plumbing, electricity, and more.

It provides better value

Aside from the house extension cost being comparatively lower than moving, you are also in a way renovating an asset that in the long run will serve you better. When you move, you are simply getting up and leaving, and there is no return in the investment you initially put into that house. By extending your house and elevating its look, however, you are effectively setting it up for greater value. In case you plan on selling it in the future, you can ask for a higher price.

Home extensions aren’t only important if you’re anticipating growth in the family. It elevates the value of your home in the real estate market, too. Plus, you won’t have to leave behind your area of preference.

The important thing to ensure now is that you work with a reliable and experienced home extension builder. Here at LFC Custom Builders, we understand that your home is unique and that the extension should reflect both your home’s current feel as well as suit your lifestyle. Whether you live in a centuries-old house or a contemporary one, we make sure to collaborate closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

Get in touch with us today. LFC Custom Builders is passionate about building the best homes in the Illawarra, South Coast, Shoalhaven & Southern Highlands. We specialise in extension projects, making sure your new space blends well with the existing structure and enhances the beauty of your home.

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